Short Term Bridging Loan

The upside of a short term bridging loan:

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Financial needs can’t always wait, and our short-term bridging loans provide timely solutions. This ensures you have the support you need precisely when you need it. From personal endeavours to strategic business moves, learn how a short term bridging loan helps facilitate your financial goals without delay.

What is a short term bridging loan?

A short-term bridging loan is a temporary financial solution that helps cover a gap in funding, often between the purchase of a new property and the sale of an existing one. It provides quick access to capital, enabling borrowers to secure a property promptly.

The loan is secured by collateral, often the property being purchased or an existing property owned by the borrower. Once the existing property is sold, the borrower repays the loan, typically within a short duration. To apply for a short term bridging loan, borrowers should have a clear exit strategy, such as selling a property, obtaining long-term financing or another planned financial event to repay the loan.

The pros of a short term bridging loan

Some advantages that make a short term bridging loan a practical and efficient financial solution are:

  • Quick access to funds: Allows for rapid response to time-sensitive financial needs or property transactions.
  • Flexibility: Offers flexibility in usage, especially in bridging the gap between property purchases and sales.
  • Versatility: Suitable for both residential and commercial property transactions
  • Cover short-term financial gaps: Provides immediate capital relief during emergencies, transitions or property transactions.
  • Tailored repayment plans: With flexible repayment terms, you can customise plans based on your financial situation.
  • Take advantage of opportunities: Enables you to seize opportunities, especially time-sensitive ones.

Why choose a short term bridging loan with Mango Mortgages

Choosing the right short-term bridging loan is crucial for your financial journey, and at Mango Mortgages, we make sure your decision aligns seamlessly with success. Here’s why selecting our short-term bridging loan is the smart move for your goals:

Easy application process and quick approval

Our streamlined approval process means you can secure the funds you need promptly, so you can make timely and strategic decisions.

Competitive terms

Enjoy competitive interest rates and transparent terms, which provide you with the clarity and confidence necessary for informed financial choices. We believe in transparent communication and make sure that our terms are clear and concise.

Tailored solutions

We understand that one size doesn’t fit all. Our commitment to your success begins with a personalised approach. Our team takes the time to understand your unique financial objectives, allowing us to craft short-term bridging loan solutions that align seamlessly with your needs.

Expert guidance

Our team of financial experts is here to guide you every step of the way. From the application process to fund transfer, we ensure you’re supported. Our team of seasoned professionals is here to answer your questions, offer insights and ensure you make informed decisions.

Proven track record

With a proven track record of successful partnerships and satisfied clients, Mango Mortgages stands as a reliable and trusted choice for short-term bridging loans. Your financial goals are our priority, and our history of success reflects our commitment to your prosperity.

How to apply for a short term bridging loan

To apply for a short term bridging loan from Mango Mortgages, contact us via phone, email or our online form and provide essential details. Following your application, we promptly send an indicative quote, outlining rates, costs, loan structure and document requirements.

If the proposal aligns with your requirements, we issue a formal letter of offer. Upon your review and acceptance, return the signed proposal with the required documents. Our team then proceeds to subsequent application steps.

We ask our solicitors to issue security documents or valuation orders if necessary. Upon receiving the required security documents, we securely transfer funds and complete the loan settlement.

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Q: Am I eligible for bridging finance?

A: Eligibility varies by lender, but generally, you need collateral (property) and a clear repayment plan. Credit history and income may also influence eligibility.

Q: What is short-term bridging funding?

A: It’s temporary financing to bridge gaps in property transactions. Quick access to funds allows you to secure a new property while awaiting the sale of the existing one.

Q: What is a short-term bridging loan in Australia?

A: In Australia, it’s a quick-access loan for property transactions, offering short-term financing until the sale of your current property is completed.

Q: Who can benefit from a short-term bridging loan?

A: Individuals, investors or businesses needing rapid capital for property transactions or time-sensitive deals can benefit from short-term bridging loans.

Q: How quickly can I expect approval and access to funds?

A: Approval times vary but can be quick, sometimes within days. At Mango Mortgages, funding becomes available within 3–5 days from application.

Q: Can short-term bridging loans be used for both residential and commercial properties?

A: Yes, short-term bridging loans are versatile and can be used for both residential and commercial property transactions, which provides flexibility for various needs.

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