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The upside of quick bridging loans:

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At Mango Mortgages, we understand that timing is crucial in property transactions. Whether you’re navigating a competitive market, seizing investment opportunities or managing unforeseen circumstances, our quick bridging loans provide the prompt and flexible support you need. Explore our streamlined application process, transparent terms and commitment to delivering bespoke financial solutions that align with your unique requirements.

What is a bridging loan?

A bridging loan is a short-term financing option, typically used to bridge the gap between buying a new property and selling an existing one. It aids in property transitions and ensures smoother transactions by providing temporary funds until the sale is finalised. These loans often have flexible terms and can be crucial for securing a new home while awaiting the sale of your current one.

Where and how to use urgent bridging loans

Quick bridging loans play an important role in addressing various urgent financial needs during property transactions. Here are some situations where quick bridging loans are crucial:

  • Navigate downsizing efficiently
  • Your bank can’t deliver timely financing
  • Assist with moving, living, legal or medical costs
  • Renovate or prepare your property before the sale
  • Quickly address unexpected life events or financial needs
  • Facilitate a quick purchase in competitive property markets
  • Manage cash flow during business transitions or expansions
  • Seize investment opportunities promptly and with rapid funding
  • Address personal bills or debts that can’t wait until the property is sold
  • Secure a deposit for a new property (investment or principal residence)
  • Support a temporary financial gap during property-related legal proceedings

Why choose quick bridging loans with us

Flexible repayment options

Fast bridging loans often come with customisable repayment options, which allows you to structure your payments in a way that suits your financial situation. Whether you prefer a faster repayment to minimise interest or need a more extended schedule to ease cash flow, the choice is yours. This flexibility ensures that your repayment plan aligns precisely with your financial capabilities and goals, offering a stress-free and adaptable solution that accommodates your unique circumstances.

Tailored solutions

Our commitment goes beyond lending – we immerse ourselves in understanding your unique circumstances. By doing so, we craft bespoke solutions, tailoring loans and terms to align perfectly with your individual needs.

Transparent terms

We believe in laying everything out clearly from the beginning. Our commitment to clarity encompasses not only interest rates but extends to fees, charges and any additional costs, leaving no room for surprises. This includes transparent communication regarding late repayments, so you are fully informed at every step of the process.

Hassle-free application

Our application process is designed to be as effortless as possible. Experience a streamlined process with minimal documentation and flexible underwriting. This simplicity ensures that the focus remains on your financial goals rather than cumbersome paperwork, providing a hassle-free experience.

Quick funding

Time is often of the essence, and we recognise that urgency. In most cases, funds are made available within 3–5 days from the application date. This quick turnaround ensures that you can promptly address your financial needs.


Trust is important in our interactions. We believe in fostering a relationship built on trust and equity. Our dedication to consistent fairness ensures that every transaction, from the initial enquiry to the settlement of the loan, is done with integrity and a focus on your best interests.

Proven track record

Benefit from the confidence that comes with choosing Mango Mortgages, backed by a track record of successfully assisting clients in swiftly bridging their financial gaps.

How to apply for quick bridging loans

Applying for quick bridging loans at Mango Mortgages is a streamlined process for a seamless experience. Start by contacting us via phone, email or our online form, providing essential details. Upon your application, we promptly send an indicative quote outlining rates, costs, loan structure and document requirements.

If the proposal aligns with your needs, we issue a formal letter of offer. Review and, if satisfactory, accept it. Return the signed proposal with the necessary documents. Our team then progresses to the next application steps.

Our solicitors handle legal aspects, issuing security documents or ordering a valuation if required. Once we receive the necessary security documents, we securely transfer funds and complete the loan settlement.

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Q: How quickly can you get a bridging loan?

A: Typically, our process allows for swift access, with funds available within 3–5 days from application, which ensures timely support for your financial needs.

Q: How do you calculate bridging loan amount?

A: The loan amount is determined based on factors like the value of your existing property, the property you’re purchasing and your ability to repay. Our experts assess these variables to tailor a loan amount that suits your unique circumstances.

Q: What can I use a bridging loan for?

A: Bridging loans are versatile, covering various needs. Common uses include property purchases before selling, renovations, small developments, securing a deposit for a new property and addressing short-term financial gaps during transitions.

Q: Are there specific eligibility criteria for quick bridging loans in Australia?

A: Eligibility varies but generally considers factors like property equity, income and the ability to repay. Our team assesses these criteria to tailor a solution that fits your situation.

Q: What interest rates can I expect on a bridging loan?

A: Interest rates depend on market conditions and individual circumstances. At Mango Mortgages, we offer competitive rates and ensure transparency in communicating all associated costs, helping you make informed decisions.

Q: Can I use a bridging loan for commercial property transactions?

A: Yes, bridging loans extend beyond residential properties. They are applicable to various real estate transactions, including commercial properties, to provide flexibility for different financial needs.

Q: What are the eligibility criteria for an urgent bridging loan?

A: Eligibility criteria may include creditworthiness, property value and your ability to repay the loan. Contact us to discuss your specific situation and determine eligibility.

Q: How much can I borrow with an urgent bridging loan?

A: Loan amounts vary based on factors, such as property value and your financial situation. Mango Mortgages works to tailor the loan to your needs and provide a solution that aligns with your requirements.

Q: How do I apply for an urgent bridging loan with Mango Mortgages?

A: Initiate the application process by reaching out to us via phone, email or our online form. Our team will guide you through the steps to secure a quick and efficient solution.

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