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Established in 2001, Mango Credit has been a helping hand for many Australians in their financial journey. We are one of Australia’s most trusted short term financing solutions. We aim to provide the best and most suitable financing service to our clients. We want to bring a positive impact to our clients’ lives, improving their personal and business finances. We strive to be transparent in our transactions by detailing all of the fees, interests, and charges to our clients. All necessary information is disclosed to our clients upfront, and we answer any questions our clients have before they are required to sign anything. We have a 5-star rating with many positive reviews from our clients. You can read some of our Mango Credit Reviews below:

Here’s a bridging loan review: “Strongly recommend Mango Credit for bridging loans. Prompt, helpful and Yanis the director is very understanding and communicates well. I was terrified of having to do a bridging loan but it was clear, quick and transparent through Mango. My actual bank couldn’t sort it as quickly and easily as Mango did. Totally saved me from what would have been a disaster if not for Mango. !!!”  – Melinda W.

Here’s a mortgage broker Sydney review: “I’ve been a mortgage broker for over 20 years and never found a faster, easier, more price competitive solution for a second mortgage or caveat loan when needed. Very straight forward, you talk to the decision maker and you get answers you can count on. No false promises or hidden costs. I have no hesitation in highly recommending Yanis. If you have equity and need funds fast, he delivers.” – Bulls C.

And some great service reviews: “I have dealt with Mango Credit for the last 12 months and they are amazing and dealt with me in a professional manner.” – Marle B.

“Professional and friendly service, supported with an efficient process.”- Paolo F.

“Great Service, fast settlement. really appreciated.” -Wayne



Transforming the way credit works

We’re committed to making the process of obtaining funding far more efficient with less hassle. Every application goes through an easy, fast, and secure process. When all requirements are met, funding can be made available in less than a week. We work closely with everyone involved in the process, including valuers, brokers and our lawyers, to ensure that the application, loan documentation and settlement occur as quickly and seamlessly as possible

Now, individuals, small business owners, traders, and companies have more financial options to help them move forward. Whether they need funds to pay off an urgent debt, or need funds to help their business grow by capitalizing on an opportunity, Mango Credit is excited to be part of it.

See below for some more great 5-star Mango Credit reviews from our clients:

“Quick, efficient and flexible service. Would definitely recommend!” – Adil B.

“Most honest and reliable of the private lenders in Australia I personally found! NO TRAPS! They said it! They did it! Most important to me is that they hide nothing from me in their contracts explaining to me everything prior to signing. Twice I have been late on my repayments and they have been nothing but empathetic to my situation one was my after my marriage break up when I couldn’t make the repayment on time. They have been there for me to keep going and I couldn’t be more grateful for their support. I have no hesitation in using them again or referring Mango Credit to patrons at my pub and I look forward to doing Further business with them. To me this Private Lender is a stand out above the rest, Thank you Mango” – Gaby B.


Secure and responsible lending

Mango Mortgages, which is Mango Credit’s related entity that is licensed to make loans to consumers for personal and domestic use, is a responsible lender and adheres to its responsible lending obligations under the National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009 (Cth) (NCCP). Mango Mortgage’s short term bridging loans comply with the NCCP.

Read on to see more of our positive Mango Credit reviews:

“Comprehensive and professional service. Thank you mango mortgages for helping me achieve my financial goals.” – Anthony B.


How to get a short term loan

We provide the solution to your short-term financing needs. The process is simple, easy to follow with a quick turnaround. If you are interested, first get in touch with us through a phone call, email, or by filling out our online application form.

Upon receiving your enquiry, we will send a quote with more detailed information on the loan type, structure, interest rates, charges, and documents needed to proceed.

Once you have approved the quote, we will send you a formal letter along with the details of the proposed loan. If you are satisfied with all the terms and conditions, you can sign the proposal and send it over to us with all the necessary documents.

Valuations will be done if necessary and all loan documents will be handled by lawyers for both parties before the loan is settled.

Upon proper execution of all documents and satisfaction of all other loan requirements, the loan will be processed and funds will be released through electronic transfer.

See what our clients had to say about the process with positive feedback and reviews below:

“This was my first time using a credit facility, the team at Mango we’re fantastic and personable in their approach. Never did I feel uneasy about the process or the package provided. Highly recommend.” Joel S.


Mango Credit product overview


Short term bridging loan

Short term bridging loans are commonly used for personal purposes. It is a quick and easy way to get cash for any personal project such as a home renovation, preparing for a property sale, or needing a deposit for a new property while you sell your current property.

Short term business loan 

Our short term business loan is provided to companies that need a cash flow injection. We love helping our clients achieve their financial goals. See below to read what our clients had to say about their experiences in dealing with us.


Here’s a business loan review: “My partner was able to get a short-term loan with them for her business, which was really helpful and she was able to hold up her end of the deal and pay back everything. Sure they have huge penalties when you default, like every other short-term money lender and even the banks. Understand what you’re getting into and don’t complain if you can’t hold up your end of the deal.” – Dave O.

And another business loan review:“I recently undertook a Caveat Mortgage with Mango Credit to help me fund a business opportunity.  As I was self-employed, and all of my income and funds were overseas, I was unable to access more conventional lines of credit.  Mango Credit were very open and amenable to arranging funding for me.  I was made fully aware of the risks I was taking, and they were substantial, but Mango Credit made it mandatory for me to get independent, qualified legal advice so there was full transparency and I was made fully aware of the terms and conditions.  Later, when I was unable to meet deadline for payment, the MD Yanis Derums extended the terms for a further 12 months to enable me to meet the obligations.  I am grateful to Mango Credit and Yanis Derums for the facility they were able to provide to me.” – Ron S.

Thanks to all our clients for the great Mango Credit reviews!

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